About Us

We dream and deliver

Guiding organizations from vision to design execution

We are a leading design consultancy that combines audacious imagination with the right strategies to create market-leading products. Since 1992, we have partnered clients, from start-ups to multinationals to turn tricky challenges into innovative design solutions over thousands of projects.

We believe in a vision-driven strategic design. At the heart of each project is a clear project vision crafted and aligned based on an amalgam of empathetic research, business strategy and informed intuition. This guides and inspires our creative exploration, while ensuring that the designs deliver results that are resonant both to the organization and the end-users.

Understanding that product development is an array of divergent tensions, clients from diverse fields have leveraged on our astute sensibility, proven competency and extensive experience to make creative leaps that materializes as compelling and desirable designs.

With studios in Singapore, Malaysia and China, we are at a unique cultural confluence, and this continues to inform and inspire our designs.

Our work spans diverse categories, including consumer electronics, domestic appliances, home/lifestyle products, tools and interactive experiences.


Our Clients Include: