Accomplishing the vision

Creating groundbreaking propositions with the ‘right fit’

Our methodical framework towards each project sets the groundwork for creating innovative solutions.

Each phase has distinctive objectives that culminate in products and holistic experiences that accomplish the business vision by being relevant to the needs and desires of the user.

Phase 1 - Design Research & Strategy
Gathering information and studying current solutions
Uncovering insights about user needs, preferences, behaviours & habits
Identifying new opportunities

Phase 2 - Exploring Archetypes
Wide explorations of ideas & archetypes
Generating quick sketches & prototypes to test ideas & configurations
Strategic directions alignment

Phase 3 - Design Development & Refinement
Dening product language
Synthesis of aesthetics, usability & manufacturability
Concept selection and refinement

Phase 4 - Design Validation
User testing and validation
Design modification & support