Graphic Design

Clear thinking made visual

Giving distinctive personality

Graphic design is like having a crew of silent salespersons: visual imagery, composition, graphics, colors and typography work together to make a brand or a product more distinctive, clear and vivid to customers. In today’s market where choices are abundant and attention is scarce, the ability to communicate clearly and accentuate appeal through visual media has become even more important.

Before placing the first pixel, we work with clients to understand the project scope, clarify the message that needs to be conveyed, and develop a corresponding visual strategy. This is then manifested as one of the possible channels: as a corporate/brand’s visual identity, product patterns or graphics, packaging and graphical user-interface (GUI).

Orcadesign have helped companies and products project the right image by expressing their strategic missions with an astute aesthetic sense. This translates to a more memorable identity, clear information conveyance, increased customer engagement and ultimately better sales.

We can help you:

• Develop a visual strategy for your brand and product
• Stand out from competitors on retail shelves
• Present and accentuate product appeal including unboxing
• Visualize information in a clear, tangible way
• Set visual identity for interfaces and interactive experiences

What we deliver:

• Identity design strategy (brand, logo & communication guidelines)
• Marketing collaterals (POS materials, product packaging)
• Product graphics (patterns, motifs, icons)
• Interactive media (Flash presentation, infographics)
• Graphic user-interface design (application icons, screens, UI elements)