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Osim uKimono

Infusing emotional connection into product strategy

Redefining market appeal and product definition for a slimming belt

OSIM is a leading brand in the health and wellness industry in Singapore. Following the launch of its widely successful oscillating slimming belt massager - uZap, a wave of competitor's "me-too" products flooded the market arena. Looking to launch a successor product to the uZap in an already saturated market, OSIM approached Orcadesign to conceive a unique proposition that would revitalize this tired product category and help create a strongly differentiated product that would set itself apart from the competition.

Our designers set out to craft an emotionally engaging experience meaningful to the brand, the product, and users. Given that target users consisted mostly of Asian women seeking health and beauty, we searched for ideals representing femininity for inspiration. Amongst all, the idea of a Japanese kimono as the product's emotional anchor struck and stuck. Bringing out a soft and gentle demeanor in ladies who wear the kimono, it was an aesthetic imagery that tied down product function, marketing propositions and design in a coherent and fresh experience.

With this clear and compelling vision, we developed design concepts in various interpretations. OSIM's inhouse designers then took rein and brought the final product --the uKimono to reality. Launched with much aplomb in late 2009, the uKimono has proved to be a hit among Asian women and once again reaffirmed OSIM's position as market leader in the industry.