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Carrot Home Automation Terminal


Successful Design Award 2011
HKDA Global Design Award 2012
Geneva Inventions Gold Medal
Lucian Blaga Special Prize

Introducing smart living for the home

Technology transformed into engaging experiences

CARROT delivers a new definition of prestige to luxury residences. This intelligent home automation system offers home and yacht owners complete and convenient control of their ambient environment, using any smart device such as an iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone. Home owners can dim the lights, control the blinds or adjust the room's temperature wirelessly and with ease, simply by downloading an application on their personal smart device, or via the remote.

This system developed out of a close collaboration between Orcadesign and Cypress Technologies. Through trend research and product positioning maps, we designed a unified and distinct product lineup that caters to the aspirational desires of home owners. Our holistic design strategy was executed at multiple levels, finding the right intersection between the business’s needs and user's needs, and combining it with an astute design sensibility. 

Launched in 2011, the system has received overwhelming response, even clinching the Successful Design Award conferred on products that are successful in the China market. Its strong business proposition, distinct design and clear usability have made it a hit in the market, generating brand impact and business presence for the company.