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Greenhouse Effect


Red Dot Award Concept Design 2008 (Blackout Lamp)

Re:Vision Design Award 2010, Honorable Mention

Beyond statistics, technology & sacrifices

Reimagining a new paradigm for ecodesign

The Greenhouse Effect’ was a conceptual exploration and an introspective exercise in asking what is eco design and how design can contribute to sustainability in a meaningful way. Exhibited at the Singapore Design Festival in 2007, this project was an in-house initiative which allowed us to to challenge all assumptions and explore what green design can be.

As designers and sculptors of products interwoven in the web of creating demand, we wanted to leverage on our roles to effect greener, more sustainable behaviours in daily lives. The goal was to create a series of green product concepts that would meaningfully connect with people through better design.

Rather, we challenged ourselves to design meaningfully greener products, asking " what can green design be - beyond materials, statistics and sacrifices?" We set out to create products that are inherently better - whether in function, aesthetics or meaning than the 'non-green' counterparts. With highly appealing and emotive design, there would be simply no reason for consumers to choose otherwise.

To learn more, visit our microsite: GreenHouseEffect Microsite