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HP Business Inkjet 1200


Good Design Award 2004

Printer with a human touch

Reducing complex functions into an approachable & user friendly design

HP's Business Printing Division approached us to design a new business inkjet printer for small office environments. Conventional business printers were typically technical, bulky and maladjusted for SoHo environments and we recognised the need to design a business printer specific to this market segment.

As a long-time design partner, Orcadesign led the change with a printer that complements a smaller, more personal context - the HP Business Inkjet 1200. We focused on simplifying the complex user interface associated with printers: complicated print engines, various paper trays and sizes, ink-change and multiple settings, into an optimised dashboard that communicates the essential controls. Apart from designing the appearance, we improved the user experience by adding a human touch to how the printer door behaves and responds to user control. The depth of consideration and empathy in the design yielded a result that resonates closely with user printing needs.

Launched in the market in 2004, the Business Inkjet 1200 pioneered a new category of printers designed for small office environments. It was recognised by Japan Good Design Award for its original design.