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LG Color Materials & Finishing Strategy

Finding opportunities in new untapped markets

Deep insight to inform design strategy

LG Electronics, a worldwide leader in consumer electronics and applied technologies, wanted to gain a better understanding of several South-east Asian markets. Playing out within these newly emerging asian cities were a diverse amount trends, influences and dynamics of which they knew little of. How could they find out more about local market segments - their values, preferences and attitudes towards consumer electronics and personal mobile devices?

With our strategic location in Singapore - a unique gateway to other asian cities, the team at Orcadesign carried out extensive design research to glean insights from the ground. Our researchers flew into the region to collect in-depth qualitative data about consumers, identifying influential trends in these fast-changing landscapes.

Working together with local partners, we sniffed out local fashion trends and visited locales frequented by the target segments, capturing the nuances of local culture. Segment specific user research was also carried out including interviews, home visitations and 'shadowing' of carefully screened respondents. Researchers followed respondents on their daily tasks to get a concrete picture of their preferences, purchasing drivers, as well as barriers to technology adoption.

We pieced together an insightful picture of the markets and delivered trend reports with application strategies for Color and Material directions. Concrete strategies were expressed in physical moodboards complete with sample materials and color chips, each clearly elaborating the distinctive and preferred styles of individual market segments. Taking things a step further, a final round of focus group discussions were carried out to validate our strategic proposals in the specific cities.

Capturing both tangibles and intangibles allowed us to develop a holistic and focused application strategy across the different target segments in these markets. Set to roll out in 2011-2012, we are confident of the strategy's appeal and widespread success in these markets.