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Computex d&i Gold Award 2012
Best Choice Award 2012
iF Award 2012
Good Design Award 2011
CES Innovation Award 2011
Red Dot Design Award 2011
Universal Design Award 2011
iF Design Award 2010
iF Design Award 2008
CES Innovation Award 2008

Birth of a new brand

Planning new product portfolios through brand and product strategy

Innergie, founded in 2008, is backed by a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in the power supply industry. With vision of developing new products for the consumer market, they engaged us to co-conceive innovative power products for this new brand and business.

Our challenge was to leverage on their core competency and expertise in power technology, to design intuitive power products with a broad global reach. While carrying out broad range research on macro and emerging trends, we discovered a compelling opportunity in the arena of power mobility. With the proliferation of digital devices such as laptops, smartphones, cameras and other gadgets, keeping them constantly charged on-the-move was a problem. Mobile travelers are not only hard pressed for time, they often have to carry multiple bulky adapters to charge each specific device.

We thus designed universal adapters that can charge multiple devices in multiple contexts, granting users the fastest charging possible, wherever they go. With simplicity and convenience at the heart of the design brief, thorough studies of product configuration were conducted, birthing this series of adapters that enable multiple device charging from home, in the car or on airplanes.

Truly portable, light and compact, the adapters fit gracefully in most bag pockets and their clean, harmonious aesthetics complement the variety of devices they are used with. Energy efficiency exceeding Energy star requirements ensure savings, while high standards of built-in protection provide optimum safety for both user and device.

With the combination of the client's cutting edge expertise and Orcadesign's strategy and execution, this innovative product line keeps power hungry devices satiated and connected, ensuring peace of mind for all who need to charge on-the-go.

This award winning series stands testament to our rigorous and human-centered design methodology which identifies design strategies that resonate with both brand and user.