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Alpha Paw Eat Better Bowls

Introducing the 'Slow Food' movement for canines

Saving man's best friend from guzzling-induced digestion issues

In 2007, local entrepreneur and founder of Alpha Paw to us with a pressing problem. As a dog behavioural training specialist, he encountered dogs that eat and drink too quickly resulting in adverse health effects such as vomitting, overeating, and indigestion. A natural and instinctive behaviour found in many dogs, we were tasked to design a food and drink bowl which would slow down the eating and drinking process.

Since its launch, the Eat Better and Drink Better bowls have been exceedingly effective in solving the targeted behavioural problem. The food bowl has a wishbone-shaped ridge in the middle to deter dogs from slurping up the food in one clean sweep. The Drink Better bowl incorporates a floater with a small opening designed to let water flow out in a controlled manner. Made from food grade plastic, these non-slip bowls are also sturdy and unbreakable.

As the pioneering product for the company, we saw an opportunity to position the product as a premium quality brand. With that in mind, we designed the logo, packaging, and other marketing collaterals with a fresh, youthful identity and high visual appeal. This proved to be a hit with dog owners, their beloved pets and naturally, the business as well.