Ecowater Under Counter

Ecowater partnered with us to develop an easy to use water filtration system for their customers.

Ecowater Countertop

Ecowater partnered with us to develop a water filtration system for the Chinese market.

Nibiru Didicard

Nibiru partnered with us to create a centralised digital platform for merchants to gain traction with their customers. We guided them through the process of designing a website and an app to boost their entire service experience.

Pan’s Fish

Pan’s Fish partnered with us to grow their customer reach by strengthening their branding, improving their logistics and services as well as developing new product lines for their seafood.

Bros Bottle

BROS partnered with us to develop a new line of refillable water bottles to represent their brand’s passion for doing good by encouraging less disposable waste.

Star Wellness

StarWellness partnered with us to develop an award-winning, easy to use Alkaline/Acidic water ioniser which provides health benefits by restoring the body’s PH balance to boost your immune system.