Ecowater Under Counter

Ecowater partnered with us to develop an easy to use water filtration system for their customers.

Ecowater Countertop

Ecowater partnered with us to develop a water filtration system for the Chinese market.

VTA Surgical Tool

The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at National University of Singapore (NUS) partnered with us to develop surgical tools. Grommet tube placement surgery traditionally has to be done under general anaesthetic which has brought fear to some patients as it is performed near their brain. Closely collaborating with an ENT specialist, we brought our […]

Raise LeapForGood

raiSE partnered with us to raise awareness for the emerging social needs in Singapore and inspire social entrepreneurship. We contributed our research on the elderly and people with mental difficulties to help entrepreneurs develop strategies and solutions to start their social enterprises.

DSG Elderly

The Asian Insights & Design Innovation unit (AIDI) partnered with us to understand how the elderly in Singapore can use technology to improve various aspects of their daily life. Our experience in ethnographic research and a user-centred approach lead to the creation of an in-depth study titled “Empathetic Technology for Ageing – Rethinking Health & […]

Star Wellness

StarWellness partnered with us to develop an award-winning, easy to use Alkaline/Acidic water ioniser which provides health benefits by restoring the body’s PH balance to boost your immune system.

Initial Signature

Rentokil Initial partnered with us to develop an award-winning series of hygiene products which embodies their vision of protecting people and enhancing the quality of life.