Integrating nature and sustainability into furniture


The Biome Collection includes a range of products designed with nature and sustainability in mind, including tables made of wood offcuts, a plant pot that conserves water, and tables that also function as plant pots.

  • Furniture and Home Accessories Design

  • Part of a series of sustainable designs that uses natural materials, and in some cases wood off-cuts to create a unique pattern, the Biome collection was designed to bring greenery into homes and offices in an ecological and sustainable way.
  • Aqua Orb, a self-watering plant system that naturally purifies and enhances indoor air quality, comes with clay pallets for easy planting and maintenance. On top of the plant's natural ability to purify air, the microbes added to the clay pallets act as a natural air detoxifier to remove indoor air pollutants.
  • Henderson Tables use off-cuts to create a unique pattern, and are fitted with an Aqua Orb.
  • MacRitchie tables come with removable plant pot under the glass top, to allow users to move and sun the plants outdoors whenever required.
  • The Hanging Aqua Orb Lamp comes with a self-watering planter, offering therapeutic benefits and air-purifying effects of having greenery in the home without the fuss.