Peranakan heritage meets design and craft


A collaboration with the Peranakan Museum in Singapore, the Peranakan Moderne is an exclusive collection of a modern reinterpretation on Peranakan heritage.

  • Furniture Design
  • Best Exhibit Award 2018 Concept Living International Furniture Fair Singapore

  • Designed a collection of Peranakan-inspired home furniture and accessories, comprising of two line-ups: Straits Reflection, featuring a desk vanity mirror and a floor-length mirror; and Magnetica Mixgrid, featuring storage units.
  • The mirrors from the Straits Reflection collection are inspired by the multicultural influences of the Peranakan heritage. They are shaped like a four-leaf clover (quatrefoil), with origins from European influence, and is commonly found on Peranakan artefacts. The handcrafted bone-inlay motif on the back of the mirrors, is modelled after a unique bedspread found at the Peranakan Museum that embodies an amalgamation of cultural influences: Birds and Flowers — a Chinese motif, Tree of Life — an Indian motif, and the use of a Javanese-inspired blue and red colour palette.
  • The Magnetica Mixgrid collection features storage cabinets that come without knobs or handles on the front, but house multiple drawers within that can only be opened with a customised casted magnetic key. This provides a unique, novel touch to a traditional storage cabinet. There is also a bone-inlay motif featured on the front of the cabinet that is inspired by a playfully dotted decade-old kebaya found at the Peranakan Museum.