A reimagined Peranakan heritage for modern living


The Straits Collection is a series of timeless, luxurious pieces that pay homage to the rich Peranakan heritage in Singapore.

  • Furniture Design

  • This collection features furniture pieces such as the Moon Flower Lamp Stand, Moon Rise Table Lamp, Clover Tray, Straits Dining Table, Straits Vanity Mirror, Straits Half Drawer, Straits Sideboard and Straits Bedside Table, incorporating natural and elegant materials such as bone inlay, brass, and rose gold.
  • Each piece is handcrafted for the practicalities of contemporary living while retaining a heritage feature that harks back to the past.
  • The well-proportioned symmetry and graceful curvature of the Moon Flower Lamp Stand was inspired by the Chinese idiom, “ 花好月圓” ‘Beautiful flowers set by a perfect moon’, expressing the feeling of bliss and family reunion. The warm diffused light of the lamp beautifully imitates the ambient glow of the moon. An additional functional design feature is the lamp stand’s multipurpose outer rail conveniently serves as a sturdy holder for umbrellas and such.
  • The Straits Chairs are a reinterpretation of the ornately carved traditional Peranakan chairs for modern times. The polished marble inlays on backrest of the Peranakan chairs are a central feature with plush leather seats. As an additional benefit, the marble backrests maintain a cool temperature, ideal for warm, tropical regions.